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Awaken Realms

Lords of Hellas: Lord of the Sun Expansion

Lords of Hellas: Lord of the Sun Expansion

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Sprog: English

Antal Spillere: 1-4

Spilletid: 60-90 min

Alder: 14+


Expansion to Lords of Hellas

This expansion will bring fresh elements to the game together with an additional monument that come with a lot of new powers.

Apollo monument will help you to:

Recruit Muses
Choose upcoming events
Refresh your special actions (only for you!)
Use monsters on the board

Muses will change the game dramatically - once you recruit them in a region under your control they will be able to help you in many ways. They will act like a hero (so they can't be attacked by other armies) and depending on what muse you get (there will be 9 muse cards that will determine her special abilities) they will add special bonuses such as healing wounds, increasing statistics or gathering hero tokens.

When on board, they will help you get glory tokens - for example, if you win a battle in a region where your muse(s) is in - you will get a glory token for that land.

—description from the publisher


Link to BoardGameGeek


1 Apollo monument (5 parts)
6 Muse models
10 blessing cards from Apollo
9 muse cards.

Størrelse og vægt

17 x 16 x 12,5 cm

500 g


Adam Kwapiński



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