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The West Kingdom: Tomesaga

The West Kingdom: Tomesaga

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Sprog: English

Antal Spillere: 1-4

Spilletid: 60-360 min

Alder: 12+


*Some play modes also support 5-6 players.

**Game length is largely dependent on varying play modes and player counts.


Build the kingdom, defend its borders and increase your influence throughout the lands. In the campaign mode, players will be competing in an epic journey to collect the most tomes and earn their place among the chronicles of their people. Alternatively, players may instead band together to take on the ruthless Overlord in separate cooperative modes for each game in the West Kingdom Trilogy.

The following games are required to play The West Kingdom Tomesaga campaign:

- Architects of the West Kingdom
- Paladins of the West Kingdom
- Viscounts of the West Kingdom

Even with only 1-2 of the games above, players are still able to use the cooperative play modes and bonus content for those games.


Link to BoardGameGeek


1 Illustrated Rulebook
2 Double-sided Tome/Overlord Boards
87 Cards
9 Assorted Tokens
20 Overlord Workers
1 Overlord Token
4 Dishonour Markers

Bonus Content:
4 Architects Player Boards (2 Double-sided Boards)
6 Paladins Townsfolk
6 Viscounts Townsfolk

Størrelse og vægt

23 x 14 x 4 cm

500 g


Shem Phillips and S J Macdonald


Mihajlo Dimitrievski

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