Our Mission

Quality above all

Oaken Vault is a small Danish family business that was born during the corona pandemic. We spent many hours in isolation and our board game collection expanded immensely. We have grown especially fond of high-quality and rare titles, and we have decided to make it our mission to bring great board games to the European market. One of our cornerstones is testing and researching to ensure that the Oaken Vault only contains quality products. In 2021 we started using our business to help crowdfund a lot of new board games to have a steady supply of unique and interesting games. 

We continually look to expand our collection of products to add more entertainment to the tabletops of Europe. Our most recent additions include jigsaw- and logic puzzles. We have the same standards for testing and research for all of our products. 

It is very important for us that we constantly strive to improve our business and keep moving forward. We encourage you to contact us with all questions or issues that you might have. We want to know what works and what doesn't so we can give our customers the best possible experience. We are very happy that you are here and we are confident that we can deliver products and a service that will bring you joy!

- April 2022


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