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Chronicles of Crime: The Virtual Reality Module

Chronicles of Crime: The Virtual Reality Module

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Immerse yourself in the crime scene with these VR glasses.

The Virtual Reality Module allows you to look at the crime scenes of Chronicles of Crime in a much more immersive way. Attach the VR Glasses to your mobile device and look at the crime scene all around you just like if you were there!

It also contains a QR code to unlock the scenario "Secret Report" for free, otherwise available to buy in the app. This scenario is fully translated in the app in the following languages: English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

This expansion requires Chronicles of Crime (London's Forensic) to play. The game also requires a mobile app to play. Once downloaded, no Internet connection is required. You currently need Android 4.4 or newer, or iOS 9.0 or newer to run the app.

About the Virtual Reality Glasses

Compatible with most of the recent 4.5’’ to 5.5" Android and iOS smartphones with sensor functionality (accelerometer and gyroscope).

Resolution: minimum 720p | comfortable 1080p | optimum 1440p.

- Description from Publisher


Virtual Reality Glasses
+ 1 Exclusive Scenario


12 x 7 x 2,5 cm

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