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From The Woods Studio

Explorers of the Woodlands

Explorers of the Woodlands

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Language: English and German

Player Count: 1-4

Playtime: 35 min

Age: 10+

Explorers of the Woodlands is a forest-themed cooperative dice game / dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players. It combines all the best of tile placement, exploration, rolling dice and bashing monsters in a gorgeous setting, and comes with a fast-paced classic game mode and a campaign mode.

Gameplay: In classic game mode, players will explore a forest of over 20 tiles. At the end of each forest, a boss will spawn and the players will have to defeat it to win the game!

During the Exploration phase, each player adds one tile to the Forest, making it bigger and bigger.
During the Adventure phase, each player will play their character in turn order. The active player rolls 4 hero dice and places them on their hero board to select and know what actions can be performed for the turn.

Depending on the dice results, players get moves, special actions and unique abilities!
Loot cards acquired while killing monsters or found in the forest and during events will also help the heroes reach their goal!

In addition to the standard game mode, the game comes with a 5-mission campaign with different objectives, special rules and components for an even greater replay value.


4 Player Boards
4 Custom Shaped Hero Meeples
4 Hero Power Cards
24 Forest Tiles
20 Monster Markers
4 Hero Dice
4 Combat Dice
4 Power Dice (upgraded with Marble-like finish)
4 Health Cubes
5 Orb Cubes
6 Chest Markers
3 Event Markers
5 Poison Markers
4 Orb Markers
5 Thorn Markers
1 Freeze Marker
2 Leaf Shield Markers
25 Item Cards
6 Boss Cards
3 Thorns Cards
12 Event Cards
1 Enraged Monsters Card
1 Enraged Bosses Card
8 Lair Cards
4 Mini Inn Expansion Cards
1 Custom Insert


22 x 22 x 6 cm


Geoffrey Wood


Jiahui Eva Gao

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