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Mindbug: First Contact - New Servants

Mindbug: First Contact - New Servants

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Language: English and German

Player Count: 2

Playtime: 15-25 min

Age: 8+

New Servants Add-on Pack for Mindbug: First contact. 
Extend your Mindbug Experience with 24 additional creature cards and 4 additional Mindbugs (required to play the 4-player mode).

  • Bugserker (x2)
  • Count Draculeech (x2)
  • Creep from the deep (x2)
  • Ferret Pacifier (x2)
  • Froblin Instigator (x2)
  • Goreagle Alpha (x2)
  • Hamster Lion (x2)
  • Hungry Hungry Hamster (x2)
  • Hyenix (x2)
  • Majestic Manticore (x2)
  • The Lurker (x2)
  • Turf the Surfer (x2) 


- 24 Additional Creatures
- 4 New Mindbug Cards


9 x 6,5 x 1 cm


Skaff Elias, Richard Garfield, Marvin Hegen, and Christian Kudahl


Denis Martynets

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