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Cartographers: Map Pack 6 - Hornhelm

Cartographers: Map Pack 6 - Hornhelm

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Sprog: English

Antal Spillere: 1-75

Spilletid: 30-45 min

Alder: 10+

Hornhelm: Wasteland Market map pack can be played with either Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale or Cartographers Heroes.

Components include 150 double-sided map sheets (featuring maps on one side and adventuring gear on the other), plus 6 merchant cards.

MERCHANTS AND ITEMS:  Merchant cards are drawn at the start of several seasons, indicating select items that may be purchased.

Players spend coins on items that have ongoing effects that grant journal points. During final scoring, each player earns additional reputation stars equal to the
highest value they reached or passed on the journal track.

 - Description from Publisher

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150 Map Sheets (double Sided)
6 Merchant Cards


18,5 x 13 x 1,5 cm


John Brieger og Jordy Adan


Lucas Ribeiro og JJ Ariosa

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