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Pegasus Spiele



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Sprog: English

Antal Spillere: 1-4

Spilletid: 30 min

Alder: 8+

With 120 tiles, Framework creates a varied, abstract game experience. In the new game by Uwe Rosenberg, everything is about different frames and colors. These tiles must be cleverly placed to complete the tasks printed in the center. As players play their tiles and complete a task, they’ll place a token. The first player to place all 22 of their tokens will win!

Framework requires strategic planning and spatial awareness. The neighboring frames will count toward the completion of a task but so will all horizontal and vertical adjacent tiles with at least one frame of the same color. Taking the right tiles from the center at the right time will also be important for victory. With skillful placement, chain reactions can be triggered, completing several tasks at the same time.

 - Description from Publisher

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120 Frame Tiles
88 Tokens
1 Overview/Storage Card
1 Bag
1 Rulebook


25 x 25 x 6 cm


Uwe Rosenberg


Lukas Siegmon

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