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Destinies Witchwood: Storage Box pre-packed - Kickstarter Edition

Destinies Witchwood: Storage Box pre-packed - Kickstarter Edition

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Language: English

Player Count: 1-3

Playtime: 120-150 min

Age: 14+

This product is perfect for those who already own Destinies and any of the previously released expansions and add-ons.

The following items will come pre-packed in this Destinies Deluxe Storage Box:
  • Destinies: Witchwood
  • Adversity Module
  • Character Traits Module
  • Deluxe Metal Experience Tokens
  • Deluxe Point of Interest Flags
  • All That Glitters Scenario Pack

Deluxe Destinies Storage Box: Store the Destinies base game and all expansions in this exclusive storage solution.

Destinies: Witchwood is a new expansion for Destinies that adds additional scenarios in a brand-new setting for players to explore. The world is filled with folklore-inspired characters, monsters, and adventures.

Adversity Module: Add Providence rewards alongside Adversity challenges and boons for increased tactical gameplay in any Destinies scenario!

Character Traits Module: Introduce new Fate rules, embody yourself with unique powers, and awaken powerful effects in any Destinies scenario!

Deluxe Metal Experience Tokens: Improve your punchboard experience tokens with 20 deluxe metal experience tokens!

Deluxe Point of Interest Flags: Add an extra 3D element to your world with 26 deluxe plastic Point of Interest flags.

All That Glitters Scenario Pack: An exclusive new single scenario designed for the Witchwood campaign!

 - Description from Publisher

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1 Destinies Deluxe Storage Box
1 Destinies: Witchwood
1 Adversity Module
1 Character Traits Module
1 Deluxe Metal Experience Tokens
1 Deluxe Point of Interest Flags
1 All That Glitters Scenario Pack


28 x 28 x 24 cm


Karol Górniak, Filip Miłuński, and Michał Gołębiowski


David Kovačič, Magdalena Leszczyńska, Cezary Szymański, Mateusz Komada, and Katarzyna Kosobucka

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