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Express Wood Glue - 15 ml - Laserox

Express Wood Glue - 15 ml - Laserox

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- Fast drying
- Transparent
- Small dosing nozzle

Assembling an insert should be easy and fun. Therefore a good wood glue is essential. This product offers a fast drying (within 5 minutes) solution for your work. You can easily wash it off your hands with water and it dries transparent. The small bottle (15ml) offers more than enough glue to assemble your inserts, so there will be no more dried in bottles in your home. The small nozzle is perfect for prezice small dosing of glue. An extra glue holder could be choosen, to hold this specific glue upside down, to ensure a smooth assembly experience.

- Description from Laserox


15 ml Fast Drying Wood Glue


15 ml

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