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Folklore: The Afflication - Anniversary Edition

Folklore: The Afflication - Anniversary Edition

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Language: English

Player Count: 1-5

Playtime: 60-90 min

Age: 14+

Folklore: The Affliction is an adventure board game for 1-5 players, in which your characters progress through a series of stories in their quest to rid the land of evil. Every story is broken into chapters, allowing players to control the length of each game session. Most chapters take 45-60 minutes to complete.

Become one of six unique characters, increasing in knowledge and skill as you embark on a frightful journey to save the world of Folklore from the horrors that plague it. Will you survive the adventure that awaits? Will your courage falter and your friends fail you? Or will you become legends? Open and find out…

This anniversary edition contains the coveted equipment pack and the cover boasts the Dice Tower Seal of Approval.

 - Description from Publisher

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2 Books
6 Booklets
456 Cards
12 Dice
10 Double-sided Maps
72 Standees
1 World Map
And Much More!...


30 x 30 x 8 cm


Nick Blain and Will Donovan


Jason Engle, Stephen Gibson, and Henning Ludvigsen

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