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Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising

Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising

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Language: English

Player Count: 1-4

Playtime: 45-90 min

Age: 14+

Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising is the standalone sequel to Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time. It is scenario-based and can be played as individual replayable scenarios or as a steadily evolving campaign leading up to big boss fights, hero challenges, and more. The game offers simple to learn rules with a high level of tactics for experienced gamers. Upon starting each scenario, players will be able to choose from a range of difficulty levels or even take on the dreaded Iron Challenges which require near-perfect strategies to overcome.

This is not an expansion, and knowledge of Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time is not necessary to play.

 - Description from Publisher

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• 13 Path Boards
• 2 Exit Tiles
• 5 Hero Boards
• 11 Miniatures
• 154 Horde Cards (74x74 mm)
• 44 Tower Cards (60x60 mm)
• 25 Reference Cards (80x120 mm)
• 18 Plastic Building Sites (80x80 mm)
• 24 Tower Mods (2 sets of 12 pieces)
• 1 Sticker Holder for Tower Mods
• 14 Meeples
• 12 Plastic Horde Trays
• 196 Damage Tiles
• 20 Hero Ability Tiles
• 4 Hero Markers
• 72 Misc. Tokens
• 1 Kingdom Map
• 1 sheet of Kingdom Map stickers
• Rulebook
• Crossover Guide for Rift in Time


30 x 30 x 15 cm


Helana Hope, Sen-Foong Lim, and Alara Cameron


Mateusz Komada and Katarzyna Kosobucka

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