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Spirit Island: Core Game – Premium Foil Spirit Panels

Spirit Island: Core Game – Premium Foil Spirit Panels

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A copy of Spirit Island is required to use this accessory.

You have work to do, protecting your island from Invaders, but there’s no reason not to look good while you do it! This set of Spirit Panels replaces each of the Spirit Panels from Spirit Island with premium foil card versions of those same panels!

All the same Spirit information, but with intricate foiled art on high-quality cardstock. Shine as you grow, expand, and save your island. The Spirits Lightning’s Swift Strike, River Surges in Sunlight, Vital Strength of the Earth, Shadows Flicker Like Flame, Thunderspeaker, A Spread Of Rampant Green, Ocean’s Hungry Grasp, and Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares are included in this pack.

- Description from Publisher


Spirits Included:
- Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares
- Lightning's Swift Strike
- Ocean's Hungry Grasp
- River Surges in Sunlight
- Shadows Flicker like Flame
- A Spread of Rampant Green
- Thunderspeaker
- Vital Strength of the Earth


23 x 15 cm

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