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Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

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Language: English

Player Count: 1-6

Playtime: 90-180 min

Age: 14+

Since time untold, Spirits have existed on the Island. There are Spirits whose names are known by the local Dahan people — Spirits of growth and fire, of strength and river. But these are not the only Spirits… Legends whispered on the rarest of days tell stories of Spirits from the deepest, furthest reaches of the land. Powerful forces of nature that have not been witnessed in ages.

When white-sailed ships reach our coastal waters, when would-be colonizers step foot onto the unblighted shores, when they raise blade and plow to claim the land with greed and hunger, nature stirs. When Invaders strike out at the heart of the Island, they draw the attention of Spirits of myth and legend and face power unimaginable.

This time, they learn to fear Nature Incarnate.

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate introduces eight new Spirits, twenty new aspects, and so much more.

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8 Spirit Panels
2 Scenario Panels
1 Adversary Panel
1 Minor Power Card
13 Major Power Cards
34 Unique Power Cards
8 Blight Cards
9 Event Cards
9 Fear Cards
24 Aspect Cards
4 Healing Cards
4 Reminder Cards
1 Invader Card
6 Player-Aid Cards
4 Adversary Reminder Tiles
1 Endless Dark Tile
7 Incarna Tokens
24 Deeps Tokens
18 Virtality Tokens
20 Quake Tokens


29 x 29 x 5 cm


R. Eric Reuss


Agnieszka Dabrowiecka, Katherine Guevara, Emily Hancock, SaRae Henderson, Darrell Louder, David Markiwsky, and Nolan Nasser

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