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Awaken Realms

Lords of Ragnarok: Terrain Expansion (Sundrop)

Lords of Ragnarok: Terrain Expansion (Sundrop)

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Language: English

Player Count: 1-4

Playtime: 90-180 min

Age: 14+

Terrain expansion adding high quality models of temples, settlements and mythical realms. This expansion is purely cosmetic - it have no extra gameplay value (but looks pretty awesome on the table :D)

- Description from Publisher


9 High Quality Realm Models
12 High Quality Settlement Models
9 High Quality Temple Models


31 x 16 x 9 cm


Adam Kwapiński


Jakub Dzikowski, Piotr Foksowicz, Patryk Jędraszek, Ewa Labak, Dominik Mayer, Piotr Orleański, and Pamela Łuniewska

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