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Murder Most Puzzling: The Missing Will (500 pieces)

Murder Most Puzzling: The Missing Will (500 pieces)

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Puzzle Size: 61 x 39,5 cm

Age: 9+

Note: The front of the box does not show the full puzzle image


Jigsaw meets whodunit!
Complete the jigsaw puzzle to reveal the clues and solve the murder mystery. 

This absorbing mystery puzzle offers hours of entertainment and an excellent challenge for the little gray cells.
• Begin by reading the story of the incident.
• Then, guided by the narrative rather than a visual reference, complete the jigsaw puzzle.
• The finished image provides all the clues you need to crack the case.

The Story: Uncle Gregory McGough has died (could it have been murder?), and his will is locked away in a safe. The problem is, no one knows the code. Only the great detective Medea Thorne can deduce the combination and reveal the contents of the will. But every sleuth needs a sidekick: That's where you come in.
Prepare yourself for a caper full of wit, elegance, and a touch of the macabre.

  • DISTINCTIVE TWIST ON THE JIGSAW: In this mystery puzzle, the full puzzle image is a secret until you complete the jigsaw, because it contains the crucial clues you need to unravel the mystery. Double the puzzles to solve = double the fun, especially for parties and cozy nights in.
  • PERFECT BLEND FOR MYSTERY AND PUZZLE FANS: For anyone who loves jigsaws and classic mystery stories, this is the ultimate gift. The narrative and illustrations pay homage to beloved creators like Agatha Christie and Edward Gorey.
  • COOL OBJECT: With an elegant box shaped like a book, this makes a special gift and an enviable coffee-table centerpiece.
  • NOSTALGIC APPEAL: This mystery puzzle revamps a popular jigsaw format from the 1990s, inviting puzzlers to rediscover a nostalgic pastime.
  • GORGEOUS ILLUSTRATION: The finished puzzle image is a sumptuous illustration full of rich color, hidden details, and lightly gothic humor.

- Description from the Publisher


Designed by Kayla Ferriera
Illustrated by Stephanie von Reiswitz


23 x 18 x 7 cm

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