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Senjutsu: Battle For Japan, All-In Deluxe (Inkdrop Edition) - Kickstarter Edition

Senjutsu: Battle For Japan, All-In Deluxe (Inkdrop Edition) - Kickstarter Edition

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Language: English

Player Count: 1-4

Playtime: 15-30 min

Age: 14+


Senjutsu: Battle For Japan, All-In Deluxe (Inkdrop Edition) Includes:

1x Senjutsu Deluxe Set

1x The Ghost In The Night Add-On

1x The Shadow Under The Steel Add-On

1x The Gathering Storm Add-On

1x When Two Worlds Collide Add-On

1x The Wolf At The Door Add-On

1x Senjutsu Legends: Musashi and Kojirō Add-On

1x The Winds Of Change: Solo Narrative Campaign #2

3× Sleeve Packs (360 each)

1x Quad-fold XL 'Daimyo's Castle' Board

1x Limited Edition Senjutsu Big Box


Senjutsu is a ferocious Samurai dueling game for 1 to 4 players.

Choose from the Student, Master, Warrior and Ronin and before crafting a deck of 40 Ability Cards to represent your Samurai and their fighting style.

Winning the game is simple, inflict 5 wounds to the enemy Samurai and they are defeated.

Senjutsu includes a beautiful hex-based Battlefield Board which provides the perfect gaming surface for this tight, melee-driven board game. 

How to Play Senjutsu

Every card has its own "initiative" that defines which card acts first within the turn. Matching your opponent's initiative allows you to perform dodges and blocks, making for fast yet tactical deck building and decision making on when to play your best cards!

Cards can also allow or force you to change your "Kamae", which represents how you character fights with regards to fighting stance and mental state.

Some cards also generate "focus", spending focus allows you to use your characters most devastating abilities, some players might choose to save up focus for one singular strike, whereas others might spend it early in a gambit to defeat their foe before their most dangerous attack can be used!

Players each select a card for that turns activation.

No matter how deadly an attack is, you can always attempt a block!

Blocking cards require you to match the initiative number on the attacking card.

These can be played out of your hand as usual, or some allow you to interrupt the regular flow of play and block in an emergency.

The initiative decides which card activates first, this means you can either go in for a lightning strike or wait until you opponent has acted and spring your trap, there are many ways to win in Senjutsu.

The cards are revealed simultaneously so you must predict your opponent's next move in advance!

When the cards are selected and played then you work out who acts first, and then perform the actions.

Sometimes this is simply moving, other times it is a deadly thrust from a weapon!

Many cards also have secondary abilities, for example if you are in the defensive Kamae when you play "Quick Stab" you additionally draw up to two cards.

There are many ways you can defeat your opponents in Senjutsu, on the battlefield you will learn which character suits your play style best and which card set for them is the most powerful.


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1 Senjutsu Core Set
1 Senjutsu Deluxe Components
1 The Ghost In The Night Add-On
1 The Shadow Under The Steel Add-On
1 The Gathering Storm Add-On
1 When Two Worlds Collide Add-On
1 The Wolf At The Door Add-On
1 Senjutsu Legends: Musashi and Kojirō Add-On
1 The Winds Of Change: Solo Narrative Campaign #2
3 Sleeve Packs (360 each)
1 Quad-fold XL 'Daimyo's Castle' Board
1 Limited Edition Senjutsu Big Box



Paul D. Allen and James Faulkner


Imad Awan and Raben White

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