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Language: English

Player Count: 1-5

Playtime: 20 min

Age: 8+

Work together to reach your island paradise

Jump onboard the good ship Tranquility and set sail for paradise. Take care, though, because in a land where the day blends into night it's easy to lose track of time and you still need to find that special little island to call home.

Tranquility is a cooperative card game in which players must fill the sea with islands — specifically island cards with numbers on them — and guide the ship home before any player runs out of cards. Note that in the world of Tranquility, the only way to play is in silence.

 - Description from Publisher

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80 Island cards
5 Start cards
5 Finish cards
20 Stormy Seas expansion cards
25 Border cards
2 Reference cards
1 Rulebook


9 x 9 x 8 cm


James Emmerson


Tristam Rossin

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