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D&Tea: Elven Bazaar

D&Tea: Elven Bazaar

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Spicy Chai Tea

+1 sleight of hand

This masala chai (“chai tea”) is deep, rich, and complex. Using hand ground spices and bold flavours like candied ginger and cinnamon really make this a stand out tea in our collection. Makes an exceptional masala chai late as well.

This tea contains cinnamon. Please note this allergen before consuming.

Teleport to the exquisite elven lands with one sip of this masala chai inspired drink. You can practically feel the warm dry heat on your skin as you are on your shopping trip finding all the trinkets you need. It’s going to be a good day with this delicious spicy chai so you roll that charisma check to barter with that poor potions salesman who already was giving you a discount because of the deeds you have done for this community.

Fun fact, elves usually drink it as a masala chai latte while dwarves prefer to drink it as straight tea.

Daratrine had a large shopping list for the archdruid as she jogged through the crowded streets of Aundair. There were tons of spell components, food for the many animals that frequented the temple, and some strange tea Daratrine never heard of. The smell was strong but amazing at the same time. Later, the archdruid made some of the tea while talking to Daratrine about which druid circle she should join. It was the most amazing tea she ever had! She had it with milk and it was sweet but had a kick to it. She’ll buy some more afterward for her home.

Ingredients: Black tea, ginger (candied), cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, pepper, star anise, vanilla and extra flavours (blends of extracts and essential oils, sea salt and citric acid).

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113 g


19 x 13 x 5 cm

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