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D&Tea: Metal D20 Tea Infuser

D&Tea: Metal D20 Tea Infuser

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Do you want the best tea infuser in your tea cabinet? This is it. Yes, it has a d20 on it, but this isn’t a gimmick product. We are serious about our tea and we want to provide you the highest quality product possible. Optimized for water flow to aid in the steeping process, this is the perfect utensil for people serious about their tea.

You never know when you’re going to need to roll a crit. Our tea infuser with a metal d20 attached to the chain provides a subtle (and elegant) way of showing off your RPG obsession while being ready for a goblin horde to come storm in. We all know that infusing tea for the right amount of time is important but what about other things like keeping the tea in? Cheaper infusers have a very wide open mesh that lets the particles out of the infuser and into your tea potentially making it bitter or at least not the right flavour.

There are plenty of fun silicon tea infusers, we even own some. The dinosaur infuser makes it easy to get my son to try different teas. However, pleasing a 5 year old does not also equate to a high quality device that optimizes the best cup of tea. For that you need a nice metal infuser that heats up with the water around it and provides good water flow to allow your D&Tea tea to steep properly.

To extract the greatest experience from your tea, you should steep it following a couple easy steps. This ritual is not only important for you to enjoy the tea but adds to the entire experience.

Using the Elements

Water – Your tea will only ever be as good as your water, so we would encourage you to use fresh water that is filtered.

Fire – Fill that kettle up with your fresh water and heat it up to a rolling boil. Make sure you remember to periodically clean it out, even though you are only using it to boil water (and only use it to boil water) mineral deposits or even bacteria could slowly start building up in your kettle over time and will affect the flavour of your tea.  If you’re making green or white tea you should not let your water come to a boil (all our teas include optimal brewing instructions and you can follow those).

Tea – I use less tea you can use more or less depending on preference. I use my smaller tablespoon (like, you know, the one I use at the table) and scoop with that and that makes a nice bigger-sized mug. We suggest you use one teaspoon of tea per six ounces of water (a standard teacup).

Time – Now imbue a bit of this finite element of time into your process. Our teas have the recommended amount of time on the packages but the times range anywhere from 30 seconds to 7 minutes (from white to herbal).

Enjoy your tea.


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9 x 4 cm

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