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D&Tea: Shire Second Breakfast

D&Tea: Shire Second Breakfast

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Classic English Breakfast

Add 1d4 elevenses rations

A rich, robust blend evoking hearty halfling breakfasts with the aromas of comforting malt, a hint of smokiness, and full-bodied flavor. Smooth and satisfying, it’s a perfect companion for a cozy morning at home or maybe even a second breakfast.

Welcome to the Shire! This is a bit of a passion project for one of our founders, who grew up in England and has been on a quest for a perfect cup of tea for about the last decade – around about the time he moved to Canada. Well this is it – a blend of exceptionally high quality black teas with a bold enough flavour to withstand sugar and milk but delicate enough notes to stand alone. This is a classic breakfast tea, though of course best served with second (or third) breakfast, or even elevenses.

Ingredients: Black tea (Assam, Chinese and Nilgiri)

net weight: 113 g (4oz)


113 g


19 x 13 x 5 cm

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