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Dog Park Collector's Edition - Kickstarter Edition

Dog Park Collector's Edition - Kickstarter Edition

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Language: English

Player Count: 1-4

Playtime: 40-80 min

Age: 10+

Dog Park is the competitive, mid-weight board game dog-lovers everywhere have been waiting for. It features over 160 dogs illustrated by watercolour artist, Holly Exley.

In Dog Park, players take on the role of dog walkers recruiting, walking, and caring for their dogs over four rounds. In each round, players will journey through the Dog Park
to collect resources, earn reputation, and interact with their fellow walkers. Players must choose their routes and dogs carefully to earn the best reputation and prove they are the most accomplished walker of them all.

The Collector’s edition of Dog Park will include upgraded silkscreened components, illustrated player boards, a deluxe slipcase, a Famous Dogs expansion pack (29 additional dog cards), and a European Dogs expansion pack (29 additional dog cards). Including the dog cards in both expansion packs, Dog Park features every dog recognised by the UK Kennel Club.


160+ Illustrated dog cards
1 Famous Dogs Expansion (29 Additional Cards)
1 European Dogs Expansion (29 Additional Cards)
4 illustrated player boards
100 upgraded silkscreened wooden resource tokens
4 upgraded unique dog scoring markers
1 Kickstarter Exclusive deluxe slipcase
All applicable unlocked stretch goals
All unlocked community challenge rewards


29,8 x 29,8 x 7,2 cm


Lottie Hazell and Jack Hazell


Holly Exley, Dann May, and Kate Avery

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