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Kiri-ai: The Duel

Kiri-ai: The Duel

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Language: English

Player Count: 2

Playtime: 5-10 min

Age: 13+

A war between two duelists where every shift in stance and every strike or parry could be the winning move!

Two samurai face each other on the cliff's edge. Cloudy skies darken the night. The moon breaks as through as they strike.

Kiri-ai: The Duel is an enthralling battle between two players, each with a hand of cards that represent their movements and attacks on the battlefield. The fight happens in a narrow lane where combatants edge forward and back in a deadly dance. During each round, opponents will select one movement or attack and then reveal them simultaneously before resolving them.

Advance or retreat. Strike high or low. The first samurai to score two hits wins!

 - Description from Publisher

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16 cards
Samurai wallet


12 x 8 x 2 cm





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