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Moon River

Moon River

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Language: English and French

Player Count: 2-4

Playtime: 45 min

Age: 8+

Expand the land you just inherited along the famous Moon River: corn fields, meadows, forests… Explore the area and locate the best plots of land to harness their valuable resources and help your herds thrive. But the Wild West is ruthless! Beware of outlaws, thieves and droughts as you expand the most fruitful lands in the country!

Moon River uses the Kingdomino game system — but without dominoes.

In the game, you will build a personal landscape of tiles to score points, but instead of tiling dominoes in your landscape, the game uses half-dominoes in which one edge has a jigsaw puzzle-style connection. You combine two of these half puzzle pieces to craft your own dominoes. This mechanism is meant to provide more variability and randomization in each play.

Instead of building your landscape around a central castle, you start from the river and expand away from it. Also, the crowns (i.e., the victory point multiplier) from Kingdomino are replaced by cow meeples, with players being able to use cowboys to move them.

- Description from Publisher

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4 Reservation boards
8 Ranchero meeples
96 plots to piece together 48 dominoes
20 Partner tokens
32 Cow meeples
2 Double-Sided Landscape Bonus tiles (for the 2-player game)
1 Saloon board
1 Score pad


26 x 20 x 6 cm


Bruno Cathala and Yohan Servais


Régis Torres

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