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Obsession Board Game: 2nd Edition - Promo Tiles

Obsession Board Game: 2nd Edition - Promo Tiles

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Language: English and German

Player Count: 1-6

Playtime: 30-120 min

Age: 14+

These promotional tiles were developed as part of a stretch goal during the 2019 Upstairs, Downstairs Kickstarter campaign.

Users were invited to submit tile ideas, which were evaluated for thematic integrity and gameplay coherence, with the top two finishers in a user poll—the Parish Church/Parsonage (Stephen Cleary) and Babbling Brook (MJ Petrie)—being included in the Upstairs, Downstairs expansion.

The remaining eighteen (18) promotional tiles are now available as a separate item. These improvement tiles span all five tile categories: seven SERVICE, two ESTATE, two ESSENTIALS, three PRESTIGE, one SPORTING, and three SPECIALISED tiles (one hybrid, one wildcard, and one prototype tile).

Search for comets in a Garden Observatory, attempt to launch a Hot Air Balloon out on the East Lawn, enhance your service staff in countless ways, or be anything you want to be in the Art Gallery! All tiles are thematically sound, fitting the Victorian period.

-description from designer


1 Player Aid
18 Improvement Tiles


18 x 13 x 1 cm


Dan Hallagan


Dan Hallagan

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