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Parks Memories: Coast to Coast Set

Parks Memories: Coast to Coast Set

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Language: English

Player Count: 2+

Playtime: 30 min

Age: 6+

Welcome to PARKS: Memories, a  stand-alone game in the PARKS series. Bring the whole family together with this strategic twist on classic memory. Embrace nature, go for a hike, and try not to forget where you’ve been… It’s time to make some memories!

Each set contains its own set of unique ability tokens, a uniquely colored hiker token, and unique artwork highlighting National Parks.  

Plains Walker – Keymaster Exclusive 

Mountaineer – Hobby Store & Keymaster Exclusive 

Coast to Coast – Barnes & Noble Exclusive 

Each set can be played on its own or can be mixed with other sets to create larger or more unique game experiences. 

Discover The National Parks
Continuing our collaboration with the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series, Parks: Memories invites you to remember the beauty of time spent outdoors. Each set highlights a different combination of parks including deserts/plains, canyons/mountains, and bodies of water.

Parks: Memories can be played as a classic memory matching game or as a whole new experience with twists that should feel instantly familiar while also offering a unique level of strategic depth.

Take in some sunshine, go for a swim, admire the trees, or hike through mountains… The strategic variant of Parks: Memories introduces unique abilities that allow you to manipulate tiles and visit more parks.

 - Description from Publisher


48 Park Tiles
12 Ability Tiles
1 Wooden Hiker Token
1 Rulebook


18 x 15 x 4 cm


Kyle Key


Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series

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