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Language: English and Danish

Player Count: 3-5

Playtime: 30 min

Age: 8+

Pictures is a quick-playing, creative family game with very simple rules. Form the image on your secret picture card with one set of components, either shoelaces, color cubes, icon cards, sticks and stones or building blocks in such a way that the other players guess what image you have pictured:

  1. Pull out a marker from the bag that determines your secret picture card.
  2. Then form that image with your components in such a way that it is recognizable.
  3. And finally guess what image each other player has pictured.

Game of the Year in Germany 2020.

 - Description from Publisher

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1 Notepad
91 Photo Cards
19 Icon Cards
48 Coordinates Tokens
1 Cloth Bag
4 Letter Tokens
4 Number Tokens
4 Pictures Plates
1 Pictures-Frame
24 Color Cubes
4 Sticks and 4 Stones
2 Shoe Laces
6 Toy Building Bricks


30 x 30 x 7 cm


Daniela Stöhr and Christian Stöhr


Dominik Mayer

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