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The Witcher: Old World – Skellige

The Witcher: Old World – Skellige

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Language: English

Player Count: 1-5

Playtime: 90-150 min

Age: 14+

Inhabited by different Clans, Islands on the Great Sea breed traders, warriors, and leaders. One might see the Islands as an opportunity for political connections, but a witcher or a mage would rather travel there to train, hunt monsters, and seek an adventure. It may be of great benefit to visit Skellige Islands, as well as other, unexplored ones, but such travels rarely come without a cost.

You get a sizable Board extension with all-new locations and location tokens. Your map gets bigger and more interesting. There is a special way to travel to the Islands by using Ship miniatures, and each travel always comes with a new, sea adventure. There Is a special Deck of Exploration and Event Cards just for that Expansion, and some of them may result in Dagon, an ancient monster, being summoned.


Expansion compatibility:

- It works with standard game and basic solo mode.
- It doesn’t fully work with Wild Hunt, since a big part of it consists of new Exploration Cards. Players may decide just to add the map with the new locations and Ship travel.
- It can be combined with all Modes from the Monster Trail.
- It can be combined with the Legendary Hunt.
- You can use Mages, Lost Mount, as well as Adventure Pack while adding Skellige Expansion.

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1 Game Board
1 Dragon Miniature
1 Large Monster Card
3 Ship Miniatures
14 Tokens
30 Event Cards
50 Exploration Cards


30 x 30 x 6 cm


Łukasz Woźniak


Dawid Bartłomiejczyk and Michał Długaj

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