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Language: English

Player Count: 2-4

Playtime: 20-40 min

Age: 10+

Take a hike in TRAILS, explore iconic sites and national parks across the U.S., gather resources, observe wildlife, and earn wilderness badges. TRAILS is a standalone adventure in the PARKS series with artwork from the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series.

In TRAILS, players hike back and forth along the trail, collecting rocks, acorns and leaves; taking pictures; and encountering wildlife to gain bonuses. At trailhead and trail end, you can turn in resources to earn badges, after which you start back in the other direction.

As players visit the trail end, the sun sets over the trail. As night falls, trail sites grant more powerful actions, but they won't last forever. When the sun leaves the trail, the last round of play takes place, and then the player with the most points from collected badges, photos taken, and bird sightings wins.

—description from the publisher

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7 Double-Sided Trail Tiles (With Day & Night Park Illustrations)
76 Game Cards
4 Custom Shaped, Wooden Hiker Tokens
1 Custom Shaped, Wooden Wildlife Token
1 Screen Printed Wildlife Die
45 Wooden Resource Cubes
6 Cardboard Tokens
1 Rulebook


17 x 12 x 4,5 cm


Henry Audubon


Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series

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